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Although I love working with a live subject in front of me it's not always possible, and so I'm often at my drawing board with photographic material as my reference. Below are a few guidelines to help me to create for you the very best quality caricatures I can.

  • Caricature is about more than exaggerating features- it's about PERSONALITY!

  • Candid shots that show the subject at ease, smiling, and being themselves are usually better for me than "glamour shots" or mug-shot-looking company photos. They allow me to get a feel for what makes each of us truly unique- our personality. A relaxed home snapshot is preferable to a beautiful 8x10 glossy that doesn't show the real person. If a photo says to you, "Now THAT'S really (insert name)!"...that's the one I want to caricature!

  • I only know the subject through your photos!

  • It may sound obvious, but photos of someone that date back ten years or have totally different hairstyles than at present are difficult to update with accuracy. The more recent the photos, the better.

  • If possible, send more than one photo!

  • I love to see shots taken from different angles to get what I call the "facial topography", like 3/4 angles that show cheekbones, nose and chin shapes. The more that I see a consistency from shot to shot, the more confident I am that my caricature will capture the subject.

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